We love forests. We love wood.

We Love the habitat!

STH believes that our wood deserves responsible treatment and has championed eco-friendly and sustainable logging practices…

Our heart for habitat compels us to commit not just to practice Sustainable Forest Management but to spearhead a comprehensive strategy that strives to ensure the sustainability of the environment. We believe that ignoring the potential of our natural resources brings most damage and we are most concerned with the wise usage of wood which is one of the very few renewable resources.

So in protecting mother earth’s finest natural resource and greatest raw material, we have designed The Wood Spa treatment strategy. Our 3-step strategic wood treatment practice comprises of the following:

Reducing Wood Damage

Our timber harvests are confined to specified areas called concessions, while areas with insufficient trees are first supplemented by sowing seeds of local species. Subur Tiasa is highly selective in our logging practice and we only extract a handful of high value Dipterocarp species.

Trees are felled very selectively to facilitate natural regeneration, where we are concerned with creating gaps for sunlight penetration in order to maximize regeneration. Unselected trees are left for the next logging cycle and act as a shelter to the forest to sustain the biodiversity within.

Reusing Wood Wastage

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, we noticed that countless of sawmill plants along Rejang River in Sarawak, Malaysia, was generating an abundance of wood residue and it was an increasingly challenging task to dispose these wood wastes in an environmentally-friendly manner.

In line with our eco-beliefs, we saw the potential in wood wastes. So in response to the call to protect the environment, our particleboard plant opened doors in 1995. Our capital-intensive particleboard operation turns these abandoned timber waste into highly valuable products.


Simply put, we plant trees. We plant significantly more trees than we log. Thirty times to be precise (as of 2010). It is unrealistic to ignore the continual demand for wood as a material for very practical needs. Extensive research is also being carried out to ensure proper conservation of our forests.

Selected indigenous species are being planted and rapid-growing exotic species are planted in areas designated for Industrial Tree Planting. Island Corridor Planting is also practised to reduce the burden bore by the environment and to preserve biodiversity which is at Subur Tiasa’s heart.

To accelerate and ensure our sustainable growth in today’s competitive business environment, we have partnered with our major shareholder, Rimbunan Hijau Group, to invest in our wood treatment strategy that is fronted by none other than our Managing Director, Dato’ Tiong Ing, a zealous lover of the habitat.