STH has championed a distinctive staff welfare model that will keep their hearts beating with passion…

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Our heart beats for our people because we believe our people are the heartbeat of our business.

Subur Tiasa has over the years built an outstanding team of dedicated people who are driven by a spirit of excellence and are totally committed to ensuring that quality takes helm in every aspect of our business. In recruiting and nurturing our people, Subur Tiasa has adopted a three-pronged approach:


We Recruit qualified personnel who fit into our distinctive work culture that takes pride in upholding traditional Asian family values within the organisation.


We Nurture in our people a positive attitude towards learning as we are committed to equip and groom each individual at Subur Tiasa with multiple skill sets.


We Release our people to handle a wide-range of tasks and always challenging them to exercise their innovation and imagination in their problem solving approach.

Our staff feel a strong sense of belonging here and some have been with the organisation for more than ten years. The organisation gives us a lot of room to develop ourselves and learn new things. These are the things I treasure most about working in Subur Tiasa.
Senior Manager– 14 years in Subur Tiasa

Our continuous business expansion means that we are always on the look out for highly-motivated individuals who identify with our people-oriented and capacity-building approach to join our team and grow with us. Why choose Subur Tiasa?